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Were You A Victim Of Police Brutality Or Excessive Force?

Last updated on November 28, 2023

The police are sworn to “protect and serve” the public. So what happens if the police cross the line when apprehending a suspect? What if they “rough up” a suspect or injure the suspect unnecessarily during the course of an arrest? When does necessary force become excessive force, also known as police brutality?

Nicolas Bagley is a police brutality attorney in New York. He was named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in New York state by The National Trial Lawyers. He represents people who have been victims of excessive use of force by the police. This is also known as police brutality. Protecting your rights is his main concern. He can assist you in filing a civil suit against the police if you were injured through police brutality or if your rights were violated by the police. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your case.

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What Is Police Brutality?

The police are allowed by law to use a certain amount of force during the course of their jobs. However, if the police exceed this level of force unnecessarily, they may be found guilty of police brutality. The laws surrounding this were created to protect the rights of citizens to not be injured by the police who are charged with the responsibility of keeping the public safe.

Some examples of police brutality are:

  • Shooting a suspect unnecessarily or prematurely
  • Any use of force beyond what is needed to apprehend a suspect
  • Blatantly beating someone with batons or fists
  • Not getting medical attention to an injured suspect

Whether or not your situation is considered “excessive force,” could be something the courts have to determine based on the facts of your case.

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Rather than debate about if excessive force was used and caused your injuries, contact an attorney who can help you make that determination. Attorney Nicolas Bagley has helped many clients with their police brutality cases. He takes on some of the toughest cases and is someone who will fight for your rights when no one else will.

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