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Have You Been Falsely Accused Of A Crime?

Last updated on November 28, 2023

Being falsely accused of a crime can not only be embarrassing, but also ruin your reputation and affect your personal relationships and job opportunities. If the police falsely accuse you of a crime, you may have a lawsuit against the government. If a manager or employee of a store or other private company falsely accuses you of a crime, you may have a lawsuit against their company. You must have suffered damages to have a possible case for being falsely accused.

An Attorney Protecting Your Civil Rights

Nicolas Bagley is a civil rights attorney in New York. He represents people who have been falsely accused by the police as well as private parties. He cares about civil rights as well as related issues such as racial profiling and defamation. When you’re his client, your case is his concern.

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What Is Racial Profiling?

Sometimes a person is targeted as a possible thief or under suspicion for committing another crime merely because of their personal characteristics. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), these characteristics are not limited to race. They also include religion, ethnic background and national origin. Accusing someone of a crime based on those traits rather than on their actions constitutes racial profiling.

What Is Defamation?

When you are falsely accused of a crime, your reputation may be damaged. The legal term for this damage is defamation. For defamation to be proven, the false accusation needs to have hurt your reputation, and it must have caused you damage. Damage could mean loss of job opportunities, loss of reputation or loss of standing in the community, and so on.

What Can You Do About It?

Our lawyer can evaluate your case and discuss your options with you. Mr. Bagley understands what strategies the defense may use because he worked for one of the largest defense firms in the world at the start of his legal career. He can help you with a strategy for your case.

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